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Re: VOTE! VOY Scorpion Part II / Engineers / Art Avatar Contest

And now...

In our episode contest, our winner, with seven votes, is...


My entry came in second, with four votes.

In our Theme contest, our winner, with six votes, is...


And in second place, with four votes, is...


And in our Random contest, we have a tie! With five votes each, our winners are..

bbjeg and __________ Roddenberry!

And we actually have a three-way tie for second place in this one. With three votes each, our second place finishers are...

od0_ital and ________ Orac and __________ JiNX-01!

Saga, I turn the helm over to you. You get to pick the next episode and run the next contest.

JiNX-01, you get to pick the next Voyager theme.

bbjeg and Roddenberry, I leave it to the two of you to decide who will pick the next random theme. (Although, Roddenberry, if you're willing, I have this strange hunch that bbjeg might already have a random theme in mind... )

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all who entered and voted!
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