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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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Its still weird to hear the Defenders name associated with these characters. Don't most shows set in New York film in other cities and just pretend its New York (probably because of money reasons)? It will be kind of interesting to see what comes of these internet shows. It would be cooler if at least Daredevil got another movie instead of wasting the character on Netflix, but if nothing else the shows might be so bad its good. Then again, based off of the "quality" of Marvel's current TV show, the netflix stuff will probably be equally as mediocre, or just outright bad. Maybe DC and Marvel people should share notes. DC can help Marvel with TV and animation, and Marvel can help DC with movies
Actually quite a bit of stuff films in New York. Wolf of Wall Street, Winter's Tale, Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Following, Orange is the New Black, Gossip Girl, Noah, Non-Stop, White Collar, Suits, The Blacklist, Girls, all of the Law & Orders (except LA & UK) are just a few of the entries come up on Internet Movie Database. It has over 29,000 entries for things filmed in NYC. I think it's probably one of the most popular US filming locations outside of California.
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