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Re: Does Kirk Contribute to the Transporter Accident in TMP?

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I'm not responsible for the opinions of others; I'm putting forward a reasoned explanation for the obvious failings I see in something being talked up as some kind of pinnacle. I make no excuses for what fails in TFF (of which there is plenty); however the emotional KSM core of the thing is as solid as anything in FeatureTrek, and it keeps me coming back, no matter how many decks are in the ship or how feeble the Sybok angle is.
But... his crew betraying him at the drop of the hat from some odd fellow they've never met before (and I believe the film makes a point that it's not brainwashing, or Shatner did in some interview)? How is that a solid emotional core? These are the same people who risked all for Kirk and Spock in TSFS.

The film was a lot of fun for me in my youth due to it's grandiose aspirations, but that one element just ruins it for me these days.
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