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Re: Captain of the next Trek series

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The Trek brand was about as valuable as mud after a decade of running it into the ground.
That is quite obviously not true, and the facts of NuTrek's reception do not bear it out. Given fresh wrapping and impetus and a bigger budget, the brand turns out to have had plenty of goodwill left to it -- that's exactly why reviewers were so explicitly forgiving about ST09's admitted flaws and relative nonsensicality, because it was fun and it was good to see Trek back again. A great many of them said it precisely that way and sometimes in so many words.

To skip ahead a bit:

Trek was a tired and broken franchise when these films were announced
... because the TNG crew were wasted on films that didn't fit them and they went (at least) one spin-off show too far, yes.

and it was because the films went back to TOS and resurrected Kirk and Spock at a younger time in their lives that it picked up any kind of steam at all.
It was because of the concept of a reboot that the franchise gained new energy. There were any number of ways to do a reboot, and while I appreciate that you were probably excited that it resurrected Kirk and Spock -- a lot of people in fandom were, and the idea certainly felt fresh after years of the Bermagaverse -- but the general audience does not care about the specifics. You are projecting if you think they do. They don't.

Star Trek has 'the dude with the pointy ears,' not the 'bald captain' or the 'gold android.'
Star Trek has Starfleet. It's been thirty years since it was solely identified with "the guy with the pointy ears."

Pine Kirk and Shatner Kirk are very clearly the same person, shaped by different circumstances. He's not a 'vastly different' character at all.
I think you underestimate how "vastly different" the same person shaped by different circumstances can be.

I agree entirely, but you stated quite clearly that audiences 'just want to see some space adventures.'
I stated that that's what audiences want from Trek. That they're more willing to go to Trek for this than to a less well-known brand is not news.
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