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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

So fans of the Galaxy-X are getting a little treat. The ship gains a slightly better boff seating with a universal ensign instead of a tac ensign, saucer separation, a hangar bay, a set bonus if you use cloak and antimatter spread.
Also a fleet version with better hull, shields and a 10 console slot at T4 shipyard.

The Galaxy Retrofit can separate now without coming to a dead stop and the saucer keeps it's customized look.
no other much needed improvements, though.

There will be a bundle available for 4000 zen that includes the T4 Venture class refit, the T5 Retrofit and the Galaxy-X. Owning the bundle includes a free unlock for the not very accurate galaxy bridge pack that is already available in the store.

If you already own any of the ships included, you can't buy the bundle.
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