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Re: Fan Film Writer's Primer

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Wouldn't it be SO much simpler and be even more dramatic to actually SHOW that the shields are weakening instead of TELLING it (yes, the old cinema staple).
Yep. Show not tell. Of course I know why this whole "shields down to nobodycares percent" thing started: it's cheaper to have an actor blurt out this line than to visualize anything.

Honestly, I thought about this way back when TNG was on the air. If I'd been the Exec Producer I'd have instructed Okuda to make library of control panel inserts illustrating shields taking hits from various directions, power levels flickering, weapons firing in various directions, impacts getting through the shields, etc. and used these as needed to show what would be too expensive to film (extra space battle shots, etc.).

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WRATH OF KHAN did this superbly by actually showing the Reliant punching a hole in the shields with its phasers (then a literal hole in the Enterprise's hull), before cutting to a close-up of the bridge tactical screen with the ship's graph clearly showing shields distress (huge blinking sections).
I think you're misremembering the scene slightly. The Reliant hits the Enterprise with NO SHIELDS up. The phasers just slam into the hull.
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