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Re: Does Kirk Contribute to the Transporter Accident in TMP?

I don't think the rampant retro-prejudices evinced in TUC resemble much of TOS at all, except for when the crew get possessed by alien energy beings or they get some bad apple on board. You can find exceptions to this, but in the main, Kirk & co don't regress to our level all that often without something weird triggering it.

I finally settled in with being able to enjoy TUC after a long spell of despising it, but it is only in the same way that I could enjoy a Bantam or Pocket novel that took enormous liberties with what we'd seen on TV ... oh, they're really THAT military now? I'm thinking of a bad Bantam novel where Kirk is annoyed by an underling and Kirk demands he salute him. That's Elaan-level assholiness.
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