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Re: Fan Film Writer's Primer

Another great article, again referred to me by Jen Grisanti via Facebook.

The Art of Implementing Notes and Selecting Screenwriting Mentors to Help Your Career

Some of the more pertinent quotes:

You want to avoid the type of people who might derive their self-esteem by putting others down. Exposing yourself to people who will be highly critical, without understanding the creative process and craft of screenwriting will only be destructive and counter-productive.

While you want to find those who can support and help you, careful you donít look for someone who will simply validate what your want to hear. If you think you want constructive feedback, but secretly only seek validation, your work wonít improve and you will prevent your growth as an artist.

Positive reinforcement and encouragement are great, but a trap many writers fall in to is to allow themselves to be seduced by any and all encouragement. Seeking validation and accepting false encouragement blindly is not good for writers because these get in the way of evolving oneís craft.

While itís important to receive constructive criticism, it is also important to surround yourself with people who are genuinely supportive of your work and want you to succeed.

Avoid anyone who says you have to do it their way and only their way ó unless they hold all the purse strings and youíve made a conscious decision for financial rather than creative reasons that you donít mind submitting to their vision.

If you enlist feedback from those whose opinions and work you respect, then even if you donít agree with a particular critique, thereís a good chance the comment has some level of validity. While the specific suggestion might not resonate for you immediately ó if you keep an open mind, you might see that the scene or moment in question may not be working as well as it could. While the specific suggestion might not feel right to you ó and itís good to trust your instincts ó at the same time if you keep an open mind, you might come up with a solution that makes the scene better than what you originally created.
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