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Re: Why didn't they just keep their characters?

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Leah Brahms wasn't a Starfleet officer, therefore the character of Erika Benteen, Admiral Leyton's chief aide who gets command of a starship couldn't be substituted with her.
Brahms could have been promoted by that episode. It was probably an attempt to save money by not paying likeness rights to the Leah's writer.
Brahms wasn't even a Starfleet officer, so how could she be promoted? Most likely, they created a new character, Erika Benteen and Susan Gibney auditioned and got the role. At no point had it occurred to anyone to try to make a connection to her previous role.
Agreed. Sometimes the simplest answer is the easiest. Besides, then the writers wouldn't have to go to a TNG character and then try to explain how non-Starfleet became captain and whatever expositionary rigamarole for that.
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