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Re: RIP Harold Ramis

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n-universe (comic books, novels, video games, any future TV show, fan fiction) too.
Ummmm.... no. Well in any future movies and TV shows, yes, given that they can't get Ramis to play Egon. Same could go for any future games as Ramis cannot voice Egon (but they can always get another voice actor who sounds like him.) The comics also don't need Ramis to portray Egon.

The image is just a nice little homage/tribute to Ramis.

...... Showing his friends storing him in their containment unit which I'm guessing isn't a very pleasant experience. (Certainly wasn't in the cartoon.)
IMDB says that Maurice LaMarche played Spengler in the cartoons as well, if they ever wanted to make more.....

Very saddened by this news. I always liked Egon and he had some of the funniest lines. RIP

The thing that gets me is, Egon was the only one to lead a younger generation of characters in the Extreme series because of his knowledge of ghosts!
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