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Re: F1 2014 Championship Thread

Well the third and final pre-season is test and it's another day of woes for RBR, but the bigger story is it's D-Day for the engines tomorrow the 28th Feb. Will Renault be allowed dispensention to improve the reliability their engines?

I don't think that they should, they like Ferrari and Mercedes knew the date. It appears as if Ferrari and Mercedes got their engines ready, why should Renault get an extension because they failed to meet the deadline? It's not exactly fair to Ferrari or Mecedes.

Don't we actually have to wait until we've had 2 or 3 races before we can get an idea of how realiable the enginges are? If there is one does it affect all teams powered by that supplier if so it's an enginge problem, if not it's related to the individual team. So Renault shouldn't get a dispensenation.

Besides Renault got off light with the whole Crashgate scandel from a few years back they brought the sport in disrupte but got a far less serve sentance than McLaren did for spying. Which is worse deliberalty risking the lifes of drivers, marshalls and spectators to win a race or spying?
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