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Re: Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

gturner wrote: View Post
I just have issues with the Olympics, especially the winter Olympics.

1. a) Why are boxing, karate, wrestling, weight-lifting, and gymnastics in the summer Olympics instead of the winter Olympics? Doesn't it make more sense to perform indoor activities in the winter because it's too cold to go outside?

b) Why is basketball in the summer Olympics instead of the winter Olympics, since basketball season is in the winter?

c) Why don't we have a summer Olympics, a winter Olympics, and an indoor Olympics, since indoor sports aren't either summer or winter by nature?
There's no reason those events have to be indoor events. I'd bet quite a few of them were in outdoor venues in the earlier games. I know for a fact that most of the indoor winter events started out in outdoor venues (saw some old photos recently).

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
Yeah, I agree with the general low quality of coverage. I mean really, a half hour puff piece about some woman meeting her Russian biological parents for the first time? I tuned in to watch sports!
My sentiments exactly.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
I mostly put it on in cases where I wanted to watch TV but couldn't think of anything specific. They can be fun to watch. But it'd be more fun if they'd show us all the runs and not just the ones with Americas and the ones where the lead changed. They controlled the narrative way too tightly. When I watch these sports I want to see it the same way the people in the crowd see it.
Yeah, I seem to remember this happening while watching 4-man bobsled. They showed Canada, who got the lead, then the US came in with a faster time. Then they show Russia, who had to beat Latvia's time?!?? When the hell did that happen?!
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