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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

One thing that makes it hard to watch is that they essentially added a filter to Enterprise. By telling the story from the point of view of TNG characters, and then having those characters "fast-forward" through scenes, detracted from the integrity of the Enterprise "universe". The fact is, you are no longer "there" with the Enterprise crew as the events unfold, you are instead what, 200 years in the future? So, the TNG characters know what happens before you do. Add that to the fact that, considering this takes place during The Pegasus, you the viewer already know Riker and Troi's futures, and you have one colossal story-telling mess.

I digress, however. I realize this has probably been discussed to death in the Enterprise forum, and that this is the TNG forum. It's just fresh in my mind, having only recently finished ENT. Thank you for your collective patience.
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