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Re: Captain of the next Trek series

The Stig is right about Trek needing to get the characters right. But I've said this before and I'll say it again: the notion that "Trek is Kirk, Spock and (sometimes) McCoy" does not wash. Their presence or lack of it does not make it more or less a safer bet, period.

Leaving aside the fact that by far the most successful Trek show in the franchise's history was TNG, which did not feature Kirk, Spock and Bones... even bracketing that out, ironically enough, NuTrek itself is a data point here: it really contains "Kirk" and "Spock" in name only, with the core elements of the characters completely changed and "Kirk" rendered as closer to a frat boy than a great leader of men, and it rounds out the triumvirate with Uhura (McCoy is a minor character by comparison). Audiences came out to see it anyway, because most audiences -- even most Trekkies -- don't particularly give a shit about defining Trek as all about Kirk, Spock and Bones. They just want to see some space adventures and be told a halfway decent story.
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