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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

Alec, you are ignorant in this area. (not a put down, a statement of fact. You simply don't know.) New Voyages/Phase II existed for many, many years before you showed up. And "WE" had been given the "yes, we want to work with you!" then "Crap, it's not going to work right now!" so many times our heads became mounted on permanent spinners and our moods were practically bi-polar about it. Ask James, Gary, Charles....or any other producer or upper management that was around for time the trips to LA were yearly. (and why do you think James Cawley and his "Phase II collection" is featured on the extras on a DVD right now? Or were you not aware of that? It was a "booby prize" when one of these discussions fell through.)

The whole "CBS" assumes that "CBS" is a constant. It's definitely not. The players are always changing, as is the environment. (as anyone who was around FF when the "new head of CBS legal" came aboard. That department suddenly went through every fanfilm and site in existence...sending letters and directives that were brand new despite earlier agreements. Randy Landers, among others, can attest to this.)
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