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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

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There WILL be Star Trek on TV again. CBS has said so. They have been taking pitches from every major group in Hollywood.

Orci / Kurtzman, Bryan Singer, Bad Robot, etc.....
I'm hoping they'll work on something for the 50th, that would be nice - maybe a CBS TV Movie they can take to series a few months after. An animated show would suffice.

I wanted a serious Batman show for years and although it's a prequel GOTHAM enters production next month!
The 50th anniversary (in 2016) will most likely be centered around the release of the third JJ Abrams Star Trek film.

If it is indeed the final feature film (it was a 3 film deal that Paramount signed on for); and they don't continue the film series; CBS may announce plans to return Star Trek to TV sometime after the film's opening; or not.

But CBS is making a good chunk of change remastering (and in the case of 'Enterprise, re-releasing) the various series on Blu-Ray (in true HD format) - so I don't think CBS will risk oversaturating the market with 'Star Trek' until the current film series has run its course.

(Yes, CBS and Paramount are separate entities but are both under the same overall corporate umbrella, so I don't think CBS will do something that could adversely affect the profitability of the current Paramount feature film series.)
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