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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

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I just get annoyed at all the people who think somehow CBS is going to see one of these projects and pick it up.

First, none of these projects are union crews. That alone means it could never be real Star Trek. When I talked to one of the top people in CBS, he told me point blank, that there are 50 years of contracts and union agreements that tie up how Star Trek gets made, and even the simple idea of listing fan films on would literally take the CEOs of CBS and Paramount sitting in a room together and hashing it out.
Respectfully, that's a little simplistic. From my dealings with CBS and Sony...

True, no studio could just "pick up", "purchase", or "hire" a fanfilm the way it is.

They COULD purchase outright the previously made episodes. (This circumvents the whole "union" problem.)

Then they COULD purchase the sets and other "hard" assets, as well as the name of the show.

Then they COULD "hire" anyone to work on that show that is a member of an "industry union". For most shows that would almost exclusively be the actors, though I know a couple of the DPs and post production people are also union members. (And Directors...though the fact is that directors are usually hired per episode, not for the series.)

Loken wrote: View Post
Second, my co-producer and I know more top people at CBS than any other fan film, and I can tell you that they have said it will never happen.
This is true, but because there is never a consensus among The Powers That Be. At any given moment you can find a handful of "the top people at CBS" who enthusiastically want to purchase/use "Phase II" and vow it will be done. Problem is they always run into at least one guy who doesn't agree. So the "wait till that guy leaves" wait begins. And when that guy is gone? One of the other supporters has been replaced with a "not going to happen" guy.

Otherwise....we'd all be watching "World Enough and Time" as one of the DVD extras on JJ Trek 09....
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