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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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Not sure it was a LT thing with Trout, could be but if you were Trout wouldn't you suck that market up when you time came? I think he turned down a multi-year offer from the Angels.
Trout is going to be entering arbitration soon, and the Angels are going to extend him -- everyone knows it. By renewing him for 2014 before the extension (if they don’t change the terms of the 2014 renewal), it doesn’t change the 2014 tax ... whereas if they signed the extension before renewing him, they’d get hit with a tax bill and lose the 2014 reset (the reset that had the Yankees gunning for Project 189 for so long). So now they're going to sign him to a massive 2015 contract. This was entirely a luxury tax scam.
"Scam" is such an ugly word...

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