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Re: why didnt Kirk put khan back in the freezer at the end of Space Se

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the end of STID got me thinking back to Space Seed. Why didn't kirk notify Starfleet and get khan and co put back in storage ( in the botany bay and then stick it in some secure area 51 type place)instead of plopping him on Ceti Alpha V to run riot

It's oft forgotten that, besides all that steal-the-Enterprise-and-try-to-kill-anyone-who-resists stuff, the Khan depicted in 'Space Seed' was a far more romantic figure than the one in TWOK, arguably. In many ways he was a more admirable figure than the TWOK Khan, too.

The idea of Khan the intellectual, on some level, appealed to Kirk. The Khan who waxed lyrical about Dante and spoke passionately about having to do bad things to achieve noble aims. On some level, Kirk in that episode was as intrigued by Khan as Marla McGivers was.

So when deciding Khan's fate, he favored giving Khan the chance to build the "paradise" he spoke so much of.

It isn't so much that Khan is "evil" and Kirk just wants some way to get rid of him, but more that Ceti Alpha V allows Kirk to solve two problems at once: to get shot of Khan and his superhuman followers, while still pampering Khan's ego enough that Khan is happy to 'accept' his fate without any counter-thought of fighting back (and maybe succeeding this time). Khan doesn't just sit there and fume, he graciously accepts Kirk's deliberations.

It's an upbeat note on which to end 'Space Seed', which TWOK then kind of traded on tearing to pieces.
Did he quote Dante? I remember he alluded to Milton at the end. In TWOK he quotes Melville.

I like your analysis. I wouldn't be so hard on TWOK, though. It made sense that Khan would be changed; his wife (McGivers) had been killed, and he was at least half-mad by TWOK.
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