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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Star Trek: Engage is a story-based roleplaying game based in the Star Trek universe, played on an IRC server. As a player, you take on the role of a Starfleet officer in one of several different departments on board a Starship or Space Station. You’ll begin your career as a Cadet and through playing missions you’ll earn accolades and awards, getting promoted up the ladder until one day you might even have command of your very own ship. Promotions are our way of rewarding the better and players and more dedicated writers, as our aim is to have players carry a character or two with them over months or even years, earning promotions as they play.

A handful of friends and I have been developing this over the last 6 months after moving away from a similar group. We have around 30 years of experience in running games of this type in the Star Trek universe, so we feel pretty confident in launching Star Trek: Engage for others to play.


Each “Game” takes place on a specific ship or station, and is played over an hour at a specific time every week. The games are run by a Game Director, who lays out the story, controls some NPCs and plays out the results of your actions if they’re required, acting very much like a PnP DM. However there are no dice, no stats, no numbers, just community storytelling and character building. The Director communicates information that you’ll need throughout the mission, either by PM, in an Out of Character room, or in the Mission Room as an Action that all of the players can see and respond to if necessary.

As a Science officer looking at the sensors, the Director might message you that you detect a Romulan warbird decloaking dead ahead. Your next character action could be based on this. If you decide to ignore it, then the consequences will play out, or you could notify the Captain who could then order the Tactical officer (played by someone else) to go to Yellow Alert and raise shields. At this point, the Director could post an Action that the Warbird has now opened fire, then everyone gets to do the Enterprise Shuffle, and so on. Missions are played through like that; the Director giving the players the gist of a story and letting them muddle through and do what they feel they need to, pretty much exactly like PnP only without the pauses to roll dice after every message.

This is a creative game and the aim is to have players build their character through pieces of creative writing, or “logs”, posted to the forums, or e-mailed to the ship’s mailing string after every mission. A log is just a piece of writing to progress your character, give the crew an insight into their mood, their goals, their personality, and see how that plays on their relationships during the missions. I’ve been playing this sort of creative game now for nigh-on ten years, and one of the highlights is seeing what people do with the characters they create.


We currently have five ships running at different times and on different days, and depending on the playerbase (which is quickly growing, most of whom are experienced roleplayers from similar games, with almost 40 characters total right now) new ships will be added bit by bit. We’ve launched quite recently to a rousing start, you can check out the logs and transcripts on our forums at the links below.

I’ve coded a pretty robust character and ship database for storing everything, giving you easy access ship rosters, character profiles, game transcripts, calendars, etc.. It takes you right through from character creation, to picking the ship you want to play on, and afterwards lets you see services records, choose different assignments and is generally there to make playing and keeping track of your character as simple as possible. We also have a fantastic design person who gives all of the games a personal touch with things like construction patches.

We’re always looking for more players for any number of our ships, so take a look at what we have - there’s a Handbook for new players you can flick through and a quick test on chat protocols to take before you can make a character. It’s pretty simple, it's mainly there to help familiarise new players with how the game is played.


Star Trek: Engage Website
Forums (Register on the first link)
Player Handbook
Facebook Page
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