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Re: The 12th Doctor's Wardrobe Revealed!

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Personally I like it more than I dislike it, if that makes sense, and I like that there's a clear 20th Century vibe to all of the modern Doctor's looks, with the exception of Smith's Series 7B look, which didn't really fit.

Eccleston: 1940's U-Boat captain look.
Tennant: 1940's Spiv/1970's detective/1990's Brit Pop look.
Smith: 1950's professor.
Capaldi: 1960's/70's Mod look.

Really the odd man out is Smith's Edwardian look.
Yeah, I'm really wishing now that Smith had stuck with the tweed all the way through. It was fun, and just seemed a lot more fitting for his version of the Doctor.

The 7B look was a little too old-fashioned for my taste.
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