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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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I actually think it's good. It's very simple, with a lot of latitude.
It really doesn't change anything, though. The rule explicitly states that once he has the ball, the catcher can still block the plate. It was already not allowed for the catcher to block the plate without the ball, so I don't see where this "rule" actually changes anything.

Basically, it's been against the rules but never gets called. Ergo, I expect it to continue to never get called.

I think this rule gives an unfair advantage to the catcher.
Not really, because it's already been against the rules for years. This is a rule change that doesn't actually change anything.

In other news, the Angels sign Mike Trout to a 1 / 1 deal. Nice bit of luxury tax evasion there; MLB really needs to fix those loopholes.
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