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Re: Guess what Star Trek Novel I'm thinking of.

Indeed, you are all correct!

The book I read over a decade ago was in fact Traitor Winds (Star Trek, The Lost Years Saga) by L.A. Graf.

Tell them what's behind door number 2!!...

You win a free trip to...

The planet Ferenginar!!!!!

There is where you will dine on Slug Liver and Spore Pie!
And view a short Timeshare seminar you are contractually obligated to attend.
I'm also being told by the Ferengi Commerce Authority that some of there Females are even starting to wear clothes like those perverted Hew-mons and are exceptional at Oo-mox!!

All kidding aside-
I recognized the Book Cover but I still wasn't sure until I skimmed through the E-Book and found the part about Checkov practicing with a phaser. I continued to read the rest of the book and came to realize just how much I had forgotten about the book. I barely recognized anything except for the part about someone planting an explosive device on Leonard McCoy that blows up when he meets with Uhura. If you want to find out if they survived just read the book!
This book is more then just about Chekov though his parts in the book do seem to be the most suspenseful and introspective.
The only main charecter missing in this story from the original series is Spock. Everyone ells is there even Nurse Chapel and M,benga.
This is not a story for just young readers like I had originally posted. I had simply forgotten the entire plot of the story and all the conspiracy,intrigue,violence and death within. Its funny what the mind chooses to remember!
One funny thing about this book that I noticed was that everyone tends to snort like animals when they talk. Is this the writing style of all L.A. Graf Novels or is this just a distinctive characteristic of this one book? Read the book if you don't believe me! No one can take a breath in this book without snorting! Maybe this is just the writers strange sense of humor or maybe this is their way of saying these characters are no different from pigs and horses.
Maybe this is what one reviewer was referring to when he said that some of the scenes take on a surreal, impressionistic feel.
In any case its a most entertaining read that I recommend to fans of STOS.
I Thank you for your help.
Now go enjoy your vacation on Ferenginar!
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