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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

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They are also giving Scotty a bigger role than in TOS.
True, Scotty has had a few good one-liners in the two episodes, Barb, but a BIGGER role? If you mean more than the part Scotty had in the pilot episode ''Where No Man Has Gone Before'', granted, but the 3 seasons overall? that`s just silly....

Doubleohfive wrote:
...I'll say for the record that McKennah is perfectly at home in Star Trek Continues. Frankly, the hullabaloo being made about her presence, her role, and her inclusion is rather silly.
I don`t find it silly that they are twisting James T. Kirk`s personality like a pretzel to fit into this planned-out ridiculous 1940s screwball comedy template with the doctor. I don`t find it silly that they make the most interesting overall character, Spock into a non-factor so that she can shine brighter than him in the storylines. I don`t find it silly that Doctor McCoy is relegated to comedy relief so that McKennah can act as substitute in scènes that once were perfect for the Kirk/McCoy dynamic.

But all that aside, McKennah is just like Capt. Picard, getting by on the basis of a good (McKennah)/great (Picard) acting performance, but at the end of the day their character is as thin as a piece of paper.

Basically she`s a sitcom character. She`s earnest and straightforward, and is there to challenge Kirk. that`s it. They want to hand her Bones' schtick where he grates against military protocol but you always knew that McCoy knew his place in Starfleet when push came to shove (for example the scènes between the doctor and Commodore Decker in Doomsday Machine). But McKennae ignores all of that like a bull in a China shop, which is ridiculous because one does not assign someone like that on a flagship. She would have been drummed out of the service long ago...

But a sitcom character can get away with unrealistic circumstances...

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