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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

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Also, TOS has a very sexist feel that I suspect many people today aren't comfortable with. (I was not comfortable with it as a 'tween.' at that time.) That is not Roddenbury's fault, he wanted a female No. 1, but there was a lack of vision in the suits, and its one of the things that dates TOS to the 1960s.
Actually a lot of it is Roddenberry's fault. NBC didn't reject Number One as a character and because she was second-in-command. They had no problem with the idea. No, they rejected GR's obvious nepotism in casting his widely known extramarital girlfriend, and they didn't think she was strong enough to as an actress to carry the role as a regular in the series. GR fabricated the story of NBC rejecting the character of Number One to spare Majel Barrett's feelings. Problem is by fabricating that story it gave the impression NBC didn't want to see any commanding female roles which was not at all the case.

No, you can't blame NBC for that one.
Interesting. I thought she had become his girlfriend later. But, I'm not half the Trekkie most of the posters here are. I am ready to bow to the expertize of others.
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