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Re: Voyager Caption Contest 119: Had a Bad Day

Thanks for my win.

Paris: It's about time I told you the truth Harry, I knew taking you on the date was the only way for me to nail both the Delaney twins.

Janeway: I don't want to hear about the twelve steps Doctor, I can barely stand, let alone walk.

Doctor: But Voyager always has a happy ending Kathryn.
Janeway: Not this time mister.

Barclay (pretending to be Vulcan): My mind to your mind, your mind to my's no good, nothing in there Paris.

Chakotay: About time Kathryn, finally learned your place is the kitchen and not the Captain of a Star Ship.
Janeway (to herself): Wonder how smug you'll be when you discover the main course is fricassee de Spirit Animal.
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