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Re: CJ1701's Current Project: U.S.S Pike

Starship wrote: View Post
Welcome back!
Surelly she is much more interesting than the Vengeance.
I just think you can improve the boxy impulse engines a bit. It looks to much big and boxed when compared to other pieces of the ship. Just my two cents.
Thank you Starship, that is literally one of the best comments a person can give to an artist like me, it means I'm at the level of those at ILM. Which I feel I'm not. (I'm not, yet) But Thank you nonetheless.

The main purpose of the saucer impulse engines is double as structural support, and propulsion.

137th Gebirg wrote: View Post
Oooohhh yeah! So glad this is still going on. It continues to look amazing. I love how you seem to have amalgamated various Refit Connie, Oberth, Enterprise-B, Akira and NuTrek design sensibilities into one design without making it look like a jumbled mess. Reminds me of some of the beefier designs that came out of Starstation Aurora and Mastercom Data Center back in the day. Well done!
Thank you! Do tell about Starstation Aurora, and Mastercom Data Center.
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