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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

I watched it and enjoyed most of the episode, though I was still waiting for Kirk to pull something off, like 'allowing' Lolani to steal a shuttle or something, so she didn't have to die, which I thought was a bit of a downer for an ending.

I would like to see one or more Orion females on the ship as regular, accepted, Starfleet officers, perhaps as a helm/nav officer, science officer, or engineer, just to show that they are more than just 'slave girls.' The new Star Trek (09, and Into Darkness), as much as I dislike them, do at least show a more diverse crew with aliens who are just as much part of the crew as the humans. Perhaps Kirk can rescue an Orion in a flashback, and flash-forward to present day, and that Orion is now an ensign or lieutenant on the Enterprise?
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