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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

I had a similar thought when musing on the TMP sets recently. If as we are told in the novel this was supposed to be how the ST Universe "really" looked all along (with TOS an in-universe dramatization based on the Captain's logs), then how would the TOS-E really have looked?

The TOS-E corridors certainly took a lot of flak back in the day for the being unnaturally wide. TMP tried to soften this by inserting the K-beams on the 8' width, leading to actual walkways of around 4' (plus elbow room). For this to represent an "improvement" over the original, the TOS corridors could not have been larger - I think 4' wide is about right, but with straight walls. In fact, very similar to DS9's Defiant! Or maybe Voyager's Deck 15?

I think we'd also have to dismiss the bright colour scheme seen throughout the series as well. There is a much more natural progression between the colour scheme in The Cage and that goes for the uniforms too!

All in all, I am much happier with what we got
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