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Re: Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

I just have issues with the Olympics, especially the winter Olympics.

1. a) Why are boxing, karate, wrestling, weight-lifting, and gymnastics in the summer Olympics instead of the winter Olympics? Doesn't it make more sense to perform indoor activities in the winter because it's too cold to go outside?

b) Why is basketball in the summer Olympics instead of the winter Olympics, since basketball season is in the winter?

c) Why don't we have a summer Olympics, a winter Olympics, and an indoor Olympics, since indoor sports aren't either summer or winter by nature?

2. Why aren't vital or common winter activities represented in the winter Olympics?
a) Snow shoveling.
b) Snow ball fighting.
c) Chair-lift races, perhaps combined with boxing and karate near the pick-up point?
d) Shouldn't a modern biathlon being skiing and texting, since that's what skiers do nowdays?
e) Why are their no powered events involving snowplows and Zambonis?
f) How come no downhill events use inner tubes?
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