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Star Trek Futures

Greetings to everyone. I'll keep this post short and simple. We would like to introduce our film project Star Trek Futures to the STBBS.

Star Trek Futures (STF) is a prospective live action film project aimed at delivering highly stylized Futurist visuals as well as a compelling, relatable, and emotional story. The look of Star Trek Futures is heavily inspired by a nostalgic view of mid-to-late-20th century sci-fi. Drawing from these influences, STF will rely on clever cinematography and musical interplay to create a sense of wonder and imagination set in the Star Trek universe. Using these techniques, we will tell our story in an impactful, artistic way while using our budget intelligently. As opposed to previous Star Trek media, there will be an overarching serialized storyline instead of one-off episodes. The goal is to produce a five episode mini-series with each episode being roughly an hour in length that would be distributed via the Internet.

"Everything in its right place."
Star Trek Futures is set in an alternate timeline of the late 2300s and centers on a young commander, Jack Crusher, his family, and the crew of the Enterprise-C. In this new timeline, a large group of Vulcans who survived the destruction of their home planet has finally settled on A'ren, a planet located within a corner of the Beta Quadrant embroiled in conflict. A civil war between the native Cae and their subservient race the Ra'zae is coming to a head. The Union, which had ruled over the small star system for nearly 400 years, has been ousted and is in shambles. Meanwhile, a new fledgling government is in desperate talks with the Federation for support in their struggle against the Ra'zae. For the last few years, the Ra’zae have deployed a devastating weapon that is systematically destroying subspace. This weapon makes traveling faster than light inside the Cesera system extremely hazardous and almost impossible. The Cae also control a vital energy production and distribution system that is now under a massive blockade created by the Ra'zae. The threat of its destruction would irreparably change the balance of power in the entire sector. The Enterprise and her crew are sent to serve as a diplomatic envoy to the Federation, but unfortunately, becomes caught in the middle of the brutal Cae civil war.

Teaser -

Thanks for your time! Please let us know what you think of the concept. Constructive criticism is always welcome. You can find us at all the major social networking sites.

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