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Re: The Redshirt Myth?

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In GR's TMP novelization he states 94 of the crew died a violent death during the 5-year voyage. Now it's up in the air whether this book can be considered canon, but it certainly doesn't gel with what we saw onscreen.
It's not up in the air at all. "Canon" means the original core material as distinct from adaptations and pastiches in other media. And Roddenberry himself contradicted the novelization when he made TNG, because nobody in the 24th-century Starfleet had communications implants in their brains.

Not that Roddenberry minded rewriting actual canon either, of course. Like many writers, he was willing to contradict and overwrite details of his earlier works that he'd come to reconsider or regret.

If we assume this average carried over the remaining two years then we could expect another 22-23 deaths before the end of the voyage. That would mean a total of 57-58 deaths in total during the 5-year voyage.
But that's a very unwise assumption to make. At best it's just a rough order-of-magnitude approximation; one certainly can't take it too seriously as an expectation. A single disastrous incident could kill dozens.

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But that isn't what we see onscreen. If it's not seen or not referenced then it doesn't really count.
Then why are you treating a figure from a novel as a legitimate data point? You can't have it both ways.

People have accepted a cliché that Kirk made it with the green chicks, but it never happened...until ST09.
Marta would be offended to be so easily forgotten.

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And out of curiosity, how did you interpret the events of "Charlie X"? Did the Thasians save anybody, like the girl turned in to a lizard and the one whose face was wiped out?
The Thasian said outright, "We have returned your people and your ship to you. Everything is as it was." And of course we saw Janice being brought back from oblivion. There's no reason the Thasians would've saved one yeoman and abandoned everyone else.

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There’s nothing to suggest that WNMGB was “before the 5 year mission” other than changes in casts, sets and costumes.
And the ship miniature itself, which went through major changes -- bridge dome lowered, deflector dish replaced, nacelles substantially altered, etc. Between that and the changes in interior sets and props, it's clear that the ship underwent a major refit, probably taking months. That makes more sense between missions than during one.
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