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Re: The Redshirt Myth?

Well, I don't think it's a myth simply because the overwhelming percentage of shown deaths involved guys and gals in red uniforms. I think only Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea killed off more crewmembers. Usually played by the same four or five stunt and background dudes, but still...

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Actually 3 of those deaths happened before the 5-year voyage: Kelso, Mitchell and Dehner. That brings the average down to 11.3 deaths per year.
There’s nothing to suggest that WNMGB was “before the 5 year mission” other than changes in casts, sets and costumes. So the 12 dead people in the episode should be counted in the 5 year mission totals. Yeah, there's a fan assumption it happened before the 5 year tour because of all the changes but....

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But that isn't what we see onscreen. If it's not seen or not referenced then it doesn't really count…People accepting that being a red shirt is effectively an automatic death sentence, but that isn't what we see.
...we can look at the series in one of two ways: 1) as real events where things happened in between episodes and after the series ended; or 2) as a TV series where all that happened was what we saw on screen, and changes in casts, sets and costumes were all just part of what happens during TV series production.

There are a lot of accepted myths about Star Trek, mostly about Kirk (banging green women every week, his swagger, pausing every...third...word, etc.) and red shirts. The red shirts thing, though, is pretty well earned.
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