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Re: These Are The Voyages: Season 2...

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It is a much better cover and I'm eager to read this. I find the step-by-step developments of the episodes fascinating. Even the stories that didn't make it are interesting. And, of course, there is the behind-the-scenes shennanigans that are interesting as well.

With Harvey's invaluable aid it will interesting fact chacking this one, too.
Someone please pass on to Harvey's partner, friends, and family our apologies. Harv is going to be busy for a while...
I just started a new job and won't be giving Cushman any more of my hard earned cash. But if people want to pass along information from the book I'd be happy to look things up. My own research has slowed, but certainly hasn't stopped.

Interesting legal move on the cover there, indicating that the image is from one of the advertising "bumpers." That seems pretty shadey to me, but I'm no legal expert.
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