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Re: RIP Harold Ramis

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It sounds very sad that Bill Murray burned most of his bridges with the old Ghostbusters gang.
He's expressed his feelings, via lawyer, about the loss. It *is* a shame the two has such a falling out but, really, like his "Groundhog Day" character Murray is kind of a prima donna jackass.

Very sad and torn-up to hear this news. I had no hope that a sequel would ever be made to Ghostbusters and even if it did it'd come around 20 years too late. Still, Egon was my favorite of the Ghostbusters team and who I identified with the most. Even as a kid when we built "robots" in grade-school while learning about basic electronics my "robot" was modeled after Egon (granted, the cartoon version of the character.)

Rest In Peace, Harold Ramis. You certainly were a talented man, and when you made a good movie you knocked it out of the park.

If you're a ghost now, go to Akroyd's house and re-enact that "ghost BJ" scene from the first movie. (Just the first part of it, you need not actually go all the way. ) It'll really freak him out!
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