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^You are my new best friend, climber person. I can do about half the V2's up in my gym and have completed one V3 ever, but I much prefer roped climbing to bouldering.

I dunno how accurate my gym's ratings are, though.

I signed up for a Ragnar Trail Relay in June, so I'm starting to get into running.
I've got kind of a gauntlet coming up in May.

May 9-10: Ragnar Run
May 17: Bone Frog (9 mile OCR on ski slopes)
May 31: Tough Mudder

Now I have an actual monthly membership at the rock climbing gym so I've been going like twice a week. At this point I can do all the V0s, all the V1s except one that's hanging way backward, and two out of the five current V2s. The ones I can't do are the ones where you need to put both your hands on slopers at the same time. Can't do V3s yet mostly because of my forementioned trouble gripping slopers. Also I'm like 205 pounds so I often have to power my way through and use energy early.

I like top-roping too but I don't usually have a belay partner and the gym I go to doesn't have autobelays.

I've settled on a workout plan that I'm going to follow up until my May gauntlet.
Monday: Rock climbing
Tuesday: Strength training
Wednesday: Hill run
Thursday: Rock climbing
Friday: Long run
Saturday: Strength training
Sunday: Speed run or trail run
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