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Re: Guess what Star Trek Novel I'm thinking of.

The second Star Trek Novel I'm thinking of is going to be much harder to guess.
It's a short book for younger readers. I read it when I was a young teenager. I do not remember the Title or name of the author.
It's main character is Pavel Chekov.
The only thing I remember about this book is that Pavel Chekov is obsessed with being more like Captain Kirk. He remembers seeing Captain Kirk in the training room practicing a move where he throws his phaser behind him and then jumps backwards to the exact spot he threw the phaser, retrieving and aiming it in just a few seconds.
Pavel Chekov has been rehearsing this move and in the climax of the book his training pays off when he confronts the enemy who tells him to throw down his weapon or ells he will do something- I can't remember what.
I know that sounds kind of like a cheesy storyline but its for younger readers and I'm sure there is more to the book then I remember. So, if any Trekkie's in this forum have had the opportunity to read this book or have a good idea which book I'm talking about. Please post the answer here as well as any details I have forgotten about the book that are worth mentioning. The correct answer will win what's behind door number 2!! Thanks again in advance.

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