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Re: Marvel planning Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

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Not judging the movie, but I wasn't really impressed or overwhelmed by the trailer myself. Just not keen on the very American style humour represented.
Winding your hand up to show your middle finger?... no words.

And "a-holes"? Do people seriously actually say "a-holes"?
That's in keeping with family-friendly/approved-for-all-audiences prudishness.

Just saw this trailer. (Did anybody actually link to it? I went back a few pages and didn't see it, but Google is my friend.)

People, the movie isn't even out until August. The trailer isn't supposed to make you want to see it right now; that would be counterproductive.

So, the trailer answers the question of who the heck are these guys. They're introduced, and then standing there five in a row, so now we know. They're the Underdogs, the Third Stringers, the Mystery Men, the Loser Squad.

We're promised Ack-shun, Additood, and squeeable moments. Or should I say squeal-able moments, because we're certainly promised that too. This is targeting people who like talking animals. My girlfriend liked The Avengers, because she likes the Hulk, but in principle she's also likely to go for a talking raccoon because it could easily bring out her inner Bolt. And that's especially if the execution is state-of-the-art, which it had better be.

The other thing this trailer did was keep it all pretty close to the vest. The trailer seems to telegraph (in the glimpses and hints that were fed) that the key moments aren't given away, which is a good thing if it actually delivers. If the movie were coming out next week (which it's not), the trailer would be saying that this is a movie that you're going to have to see to actually understand, which (again, if it delivers) is potentially a good thing. They seem to be positioning themselves for word of mouth and increased buzz about it in the webosphere to spread about just how Awe-sum it is. The trailer is basically saying, "Stay tuned."
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