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Re: If they had any bells...

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Don't think that Earth wasn't in danger.
No direct threat was made to Earth at any point in the story. Earth along with numberless other planets was of course in potential danger if the Genesis technology got into the open, but that's not at all the same thing.
It really is the same thing. The subtext was that Khan was a threat to everyone with a weapon of mass destruction at his disposal, including Earth, and that he had to be stopped before he used it. Otherwise, it would be irrelevant if had it.
The simple fact is, you do not need to threaten Earth either to establish a baddie or to justify a budget.
It certainly worked for the last two movies.
I remember Lindelof making this excuse at one point; I suspect he was parroting some network exec, but if he wasn't then it's proof positive he was every bit the hack people think he was, because it just isn't true at all.
That's a matter of personal opinion, but I do think that if you really want to import a major sense of danger to a large audience, it works better if Earth is threatened than with Planet X (they did that with Insurrection, and we know how that went).
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The Stig wrote:
Orci and Kurtzman wanted Khan from the very beginning...
According to an interview at re-posted at our own TrekToday, they didn't, but producer Damon Lindelof did.

From TrekToday:
“[Damon Lindelof] argued for Khan from the beginning and I argued against it,” said Orci.

Orci and Kurtzman compromised with Lindelof; they initially wrote the story without Khan and then found a way to insert him in later.
Khan was always on their minds, since the original ending concept for Trek '09 was a shot of the Botany Bay.
Actually, a shot of the Botany Bay was intended to be solely an Easter Egg and nothing more, but it was aborted because they realized it might truly force them to do an actual Khan story for Star Trek XII if they used it.

Khan was always an option (just like other stuff in Trek lore still are), but the only one who really wanted Khan in Star Trek XII from the start was Lindelof. Being that Lindelof was pretty much their boss, Orci and Kurtzman went along with it.
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