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Re: The Prime Alternative

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As for the interiors of the PA-Enterprise, what have you thought of in that area of the ship? Would you update the interiors to something less cavernous than we saw in TOS? And something less iPhone-lense-flare-tastic than in ST09?

I'm trying to draw out what I would do to update the interiors, and your ship served as an inspiration for respecting the original designs and intent, but moving the ship forward at the same time.

For Our PA Bridge, as an example, Ricky and I are thinking more like a mash-up between the Kobayashi maru bridge set seen in ST09 and the Cage Bridge, but with a much larger main view screen : )

This >

Plus This >,_2258.jpg

Kobayashi maru bridge set

And here is one of our Prime Alternative screen animations, which is a mash-up of STV1 screen and ST09 screen
> Download Link: ... ressed.wmv (Sound ON & Go Full Screen))

a little Bridge inspiration here; Just in case you never saw this.. Check IT out : )
> Star Trek TOS Bridge Replacement by Kevin George <

What do you think?

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