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Re: Male and female Vulcan names

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There is no set rule for Vulcan male and female names. As already mentioned more than once here, the respective use of "S" and "T" is more common, but it's definitely not uncommon for them to be switched and for names to begin with other letters:

Vorik (Vulcan male)
Taurik (Vulcan male-we actually saw him in TNG before Tuvok)
Lojal (Vulcan male)
Kuvak (Vulcan male)
Sakonna (Vulcan female)
V'Las (Vulcan male)
Valeris (Vulcan female)
Selar (Vulcan female)
Vorik and Taurik were both played by Alexander Enberg. Just so you know.
He's in the fairly long list of actors who have played different characters in Trek. Quite a few have even played different Human characters. In the case of Eberg, he had the benefit of having producer and VOY co-creator Jeri Taylor as his mother, who off-hand suggested Vorik and Taurik were twin brothers.
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