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Re: Downton Abbey ITV1 22nd September 9pm

I think I am done with that show. The interesting downstairs characters and what social commentary there was early-on have been slighted in favor of romances. The situations become and more preposterous: Lord Grantham is broke (earlier season), and then what do you know, Matthew becomes rich! Mary's inheritance is in jeopardy, and what do you know, a legal will falls out of a book and she's OK! Edith's man not only disappeared, it was the Nazis done it! How many times did Anna tell someone a secret that they must not tell anyone else? And Bates went from honorable but enigmatic disabled veteran to crime-fighting master criminal. And the season finale revolves around a break-in caper?!

I still like the performers and some of the characters, but the writing has become a self-parody that no longer serves them well.
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