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Re: TV: A reboot or a new crew?

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New crew in the original (or PRIME univerese, if that is what you prefer) definitely. Unfortunately if it was placed in the latter 1/2 of the 24th or even the 25th centuries, it would have to deal with the Romulan loss.
It would be a good idea to catch the events of ST09 in Prime Universe. Of course, it should be totally new crew. They can deal with Romulan loss and ambassador Spock disappearance. May be they would tell us story about reunion of Romulan and Vulkan people.
In that case there is a great opportunity to make small crossovers with TNG&DS9&VOY. For example, they can add reference to B4-android story and even resolve it. They can revisit Dominion and changelings. And many more.
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