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Re: The "Bride" of the "M'Ress Appreciation Thread"

"Give us this day our daily fish."

While on leave upon her homeworld, M'Ress follows tradition by visiting the one of the regional temples to give thanks to her goddess.

Was Caitian religion ever explored? As far as I know, Peter David has been the only author to write about Caitians for the Pocket Books line of novels, and I don't think he touched upon the subject. But since I have not picked up a Trek novel since the late 80s, I'm pretty much out of the loop. Mercy only knows what ideas fans have concocted.

I just had this mental image of a monolithic statue looming within a natural cavern that I wanted to depict. Since the columns had an Egyptian motif, I dressed M'Ress in some fitting elements.

A silly thought crossed my mind. If that statue has anything so much as a digital timer to control the lighting, Kirk would probably vaporize that chunk of stone. You know how he is about computerized "gods".


Melody...Lady LittleFox
Body textures...Daio and Verge Visible
Face and body morphs...Beth Capsces
"Paw" morphs...Achronicity
Tail prop...Little Dragon
Collar...F. Coffill & L. Sweet
Bracelets, armbands & sash...Anton
Columns & dais...Kirwyn
Cauldron...Danie & Marforno


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