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Re: Going to Eden ... Yea brother

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Eden's counterpart on Lost in Space was called "Collision of Planets," which aired about 16 months earlier. Daniel J. Travanti (Hill Street Blues) and Linda Gaye Scott (Little Fauss and Big Halsy) are excellent in their guest-hippy roles, but Jonanthan Harris steals the show as usual when he contracts a Samson-like condition that gives him super strength. Scott using her sex appeal to manipulate (and later emasculate) Harris as Dr. Smith was, for that show, some pretty hot stuff.

Since both episodes ended up (or were bound to be) ridiculous, I would argue that LIS took the wiser course and made their version a comedy on purpose.

Gerald Fried ("Amok Time", "Friday's Child") wrote the music for "Collision of Planets", and you can hear faint strains in common with his score to "The Paradise Syndrome." I remember knowing it was him in the LIS episode before reading the credits.
Daniel J. Travanti, that's a name that I haven't heard in a very long time. Good old Captain Furillo himself.
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