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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

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Again, how do you know what future technology looks like or should look like? Vera may *look* like a normal gun and may *look* like it takes normal cartridges but that really speaks more to the limitations/cheapness of the props than it does the fictional futuristic gun.
Well, I don't know about that. It seems to be speculating beyond the evidence, and form follows function, after all. But on the other hand, I do seem to recall that the FF guns made an unusual sound when they fired, not a conventional "bang," suggesting that there are some differences in their operation.

It's a case of we have to take the characters for their word, Jayne -more or less their weapons/gun expert- says she needs air around her to work then she needs air around her to work. There's "something" about this futuristic weapon that requires oxygen around it.
On the other hand... it's Jayne. I wouldn't trust him as an expert on anything. Heck, even experts can be wrong about the specifics of the things they're expert in. Remember the Mythbusters episode about the plane on a conveyor belt? To anyone who understands aerodynamics, it's obvious that the conveyor belt will have no impact on the plane's ability to take off, because the wheels contribute nothing to its thrust. And yet the pilot they hired to test the myth believed that the conveyor would prevent him from taking off. Understanding the praxis doesn't necessarily mean understanding the theory. Jayne is an "expert" at shooting guns, but that doesn't mean he knows a damn thing about how they work.

Not to mention that Jayne kept firing Vera at full auto for quite a while after the spacesuit visor shattered and the air would have evacuated.
Air was probably still being pumped into the suit from its life-support system, Vera wasn't firing from a suit that only had the air inside of it.
Doesn't work. In the vacuum of space, any air pumped into the helmet would dissipate so quickly that the conditions inside the helmet would remain essentially vacuum throughout. Heck, the air would probably just jet straight out of the hose into vacuum without spreading out to fill the space inside the helmet first, since there's nothing containing it inside the helmet.

The simplest explanation is that Jayne is an idiot. And since we know Jayne is an idiot, that's a pretty plausible explanation.
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