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Re: Favorite or Interesting Short Lived Scifi Series

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Lucan (ABC)
I very vaguely remember this. An action show whose title character was a teenager who'd been raised by wolves.

Salvage 1 (ABC)
This started as a TV movie called Salvage, as I recall. Andy Griffith starred as a scrapyard owner who built a working rocket, flew to the Moon, and salvaged the stuff left behind by the astronauts. It was kind of awkward to make it work as a weekly series, coming up with different ways to use the rocket or tell stories that didn't involve spaceflight.

Witchblade (TNT)
Ahh, Yancy Butler. This was a weird one. The first season ended with time being rewound to the start of the story, so the second season was a semi-reboot with events happening differently. Yet there was no explanation for why events in the world the lead characters inhabited didn't happen again in the new reality.

Oh, and this is another one that had a pilot movie (2000) before the series (2001-2).

Tru Calling (Fox)
Got cancelled just when it was getting good.

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Ah, Max Headroom. As a kid I thought Matt Frewer was so cool as Edison Carter and he's been a goofy guy in everything since.
When I revisited MH a while ago, I felt that Frewer was badly miscast as Carter, since he's not the Square-Jawed Action Hero type. The thing is, the Max Headroom character was created first, as the host of a music-video show, and then the TV pilot was created as an origin story for the character; so Frewer was cast originally as Max, a role that suited his quirky style, and the Carter character came later.
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