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Re: Who has the most realistic 'future'?

The most all-encompassing realistic future, unfortunately(?) is probably the Matrix. Great misery is had by the human race before there is a truce. Most other speculative futures in visual SF only look at small aspects of it, Matrix takes into account the whole. Some of it's most important speculations: Strong AI equivalent of humanity; AI superseding humanity; AI re-creating man in a simulacrum of society; humanity and AI making "peace" to develop on it's own.

Two solutions to the Matrix: Transcendent humanity must supercede machine-only AI ahead of time. Or, like in the movie universe, if humanity must fight, going retro isn't the only way, humanity must become transhuman, and then develop it's own counter AI.

I like Almost Human, Continuum, they include plausible aspects of the future, but in order to tell a story they ignore many implications their world building postulates. Almost Human plays it particularly safe despite the narration stating law enforcement can't cope with future technological expansion. Person of Interest has an interesting AI, I'm curious where it goes.

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