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Re: NBC is reviving Heroes

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Season 1 had the potential promise of greatness that we all assumed would be going somewhere. Unfortunately it didn't. Of course a big part of the problem is that they spent an entire season building up to this huge apocalyptic confrontation with Sylar... there was no way they could have delivered on that promise on a tv budget. That said, the "fight" in the S1 finale was still atrocious
The whole season 1 finale was the biggest letdown ever in the history of TV.

Yes I said it.

Not only was the "fight" not even a fight, but the whole time they are in NYC and there wasn't a single extra person in the city the whole episode, it was insane!
No one is arguing that point

I wonder why and how?

Would it be a total reboot to test the waters so to speak or would they pick up of one of the strands of the show and continue from there?

The basic premise was solid and very interesting but the execution of everything past season 1 was atrocious and i don't see how that can be undone. Heroes is marked as that brilliant first season but utterly shit remaining seasons show and it would take monumentally good writing and producing to make people forget everything past the season 1 finale.
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