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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

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Nope. Vera was just a gun. We saw she took normal-looking cartridges.
Again, how do you know what future technology looks like or should look like? Vera may *look* like a normal gun and may *look* like it takes normal cartridges but that really speaks more to the limitations/cheapness of the props than it does the fictional futuristic gun.

It's a case of we have to take the characters for their word, Jayne -more or less their weapons/gun expert- says she needs air around her to work then she needs air around her to work. There's "something" about this futuristic weapon that requires oxygen around it.

It was just writers who don't know much about science (and they admitted it).
I think it's more a case of "playing to the lowest common denominator" and by doing so over-compensating for it to the point of it not being real. I think the Mythbusters have shown this a time or two where Hollywood over-explains or does something that wasn't necessary. Most viewers probably would have seen Vera fire in a vacuum and call "Foul!" under the misguided belief air is needed for the gun to work. Firefly compensates for this by having Vera fire from inside a space-suit and as a result do something that isn't needed.

Not to mention that Jayne kept firing Vera at full auto for quite a while after the spacesuit visor shattered and the air would have evacuated.
Air was probably still being pumped into the suit from its life-support system, Vera wasn't firing from a suit that only had the air inside of it.

Why would a spacefaring culture make a firearm that couldn't be fired in space?
As addressed above, this is hardly a fair question. Just because they're a space-fairing culture doesn't mean all of their technology has to operate in space. Maybe there's some advantages Vera had that would be nullified by being able to fire in a vacuum?
For me, and for many of us, the future is now in the past.
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